Storm-water pond cleaning

Location : Canada
Year : 2013


Storm water ponds in residential area. No big equipment or noisy equipments allowed.

The Problem

Find a solution to clean-up the pond avoiding to have trucks and excavators on site. Minimize impact on residents and make something easy to transport from one pond to another, environmentally friendly, very silent and with high performance.

The solution

Dragflow transportable remote controlled dredge with HY50 and cutter knife to be able to work in presence of weeds. Absolute silent Hydraulic Power Pack with Oil hoses spooler with 80m of oil line.

Dredge stabilizers can close up in order to fit on a standard road trailer. Weight and dimensions have been customized to fit customer’s boom-truck and trailer capacity. The hydraulic plant works with bio-degradable oil in order to comply with the highest environmental standards.

A customized engineered solution for a specific and demanding application.

The dredge will work together with Geo-Textiles Mac-Tube in order to capture the solids and let the water return into the pond.